Martin de Vries


I'm Martin de Vries, or MDV for short, a composer and music producer.


Since the 90s, I've been dedicated to artist development, songwriting, and music production. My work has helped artists achieve chart success, gold awards, and two Echo nominations. I've composed music for musicals like "Bibi Blocksberg" and "Conni," as well as popular children's series like „Benjamin Blümchen“ and „Bibi Blocksberg“. At the Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin, I've contributed to numerous children's shows and "The Wyld" production. Over a million viewers have enjoyed my musicals. As a music producer, I've been involved in shows like "Stefanie Hertel - The Great Christmas Song Show." My passion and experience drive my work, and I look forward to enhancing your project with new music.


Welcome to my studio. It is ideal for lead vocals and voice recordings. With over two decades of experience as an audio producer and music composer, I have the ability to take the project from conception to completion.It features everything I need for just the right sound: top-notch recording and production equipment, a separate recording room.

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